• What is Vecend?

- Vecend is a Finnish casual streetwear brand established by two brothers in Finland. Our aim is to create inspiring, on-trend designs and prints with high-quality materials. We offer products with affordable prices that do not cost a fortune but still look good! To keep our designs unique and products interesting to our customers, we only offer small quantities of each item. At the moment we offer printed hoodies and t-shirts but we are looking to expand to other clothing items in the near future.

  • How do you come up with your designs?

- We are inspired by anything and everything! Inspiration can be drawn from anything around us. We have vast interest fashion; from designer to street style, and everything in between, we have boundless fashion interests! Fashion offers endless opportunities and combinations and that's what we're aiming to explore with our brand. We want to actively develop our brand customers in mind in ever changing markets. 

  • Where are your products made?

- Our products are designed and printed in Finland.

  • What is the quality of your products?

- We personally create our designs and prints and choose the colours for all our products. Before anything goes into to our factory for production we create samples to see if our designs came to life the way we wanted. We test the samples rigorously to see if they fulfil our strict quality requirements - our products are hard wearing, enduring and of course machine washable and always looking good.

  • How do I order?

- We hope to provide an easy and reliable ordering process for our customers. Our website is user friendly and everything is clearly marked and explained. 

You can make the payment through Stripe or Paypal.

  • When will I get my order?

- We aim to send your orders within 14 business days from when you order. As we are still a small company, please allow a little bit longer if we get really busy. Exact delivery times depend on your location and the delivery method you choose. 

  • I have further questions, who do I talk to?

- Should you need any help in choosing the right size, placing your order or anything else, please contact us by email at info@vecendclothing.com or by sending us a message on instagram.

We love seeing you wearing our products! Tag us @Vecendclothing so we can see your photo.

If you are a influencer and interested of our brand and products, please get in touch as we are happy to do collaborations!